MacLean Steven (right top). Also signed by Michael Baker (left top) - James Wetherbee (middle top) and Charles Veach - Tamara Jernigan - William Shepherd

Magnus Sandra (USA) also signed by: Christopher Ferguson - Douglas Hurley and Rex Walheim LAST SPACE SHUTTLE FLIGHT -- STS 135

Mattingly Ken and Charlie Duke (USA)

McCandless Bruce (USA)

McDivitt James (USA) Dedicated to PETER

Melvill Michael (SAFR) First commercial flight - 100 km

Merbold Ulf (Germ)

Mitchell Edgar (USA)

Mitchell Edgar (USA)

Mohri Mamoru (Jap)

Nikolayev Andrian (Rus) Signed through the stamp

Nikolayev Andrian (Rus)

Titov ** Vostok 1 ** also signed by Gagarin,Titov, Nikolayev and Popovich

Ockels Wubbo (Netherlands)

Parker Robert - USA This autograph belonged to the private collection of Deke Slayton STS 9 ** STS 35

Parker Robert (USA)

Petitt Don (USA) -right. Also signed by Andre Kuiper (Netherlands) - left and Oleg Kononenko (Rus) middle.

Pogue Bill (USA)

Pogue Bill (USA)

Popov Leonid (Rus) also signed by: Savitskaya Svetlana (Rus)

Popovitch Pavel (Rus)

Popovich ** Vostok 1 ** also signed by Gagarin,Titov, and Nikolayev

Remek Vladimir (Tsj) also signed by: Yuri Romanenko - Aleksei Gubarev - Georgo Grechko

Ride Sally (USA)

Ride Sally (USA) Newspaper cut

Romanenko Yuri (Rus)also signed by: Aleksei Gubarev (Rus) - Georgo Grechko (Rus) and Vladimir Remek (Tsj)

Roosa Stuart - Apollo 14 also signed by: Charlie Duke Apollo 16 and Don Eisele Apollo 7

Rukavizhnikov (Rus)

On this page I show the autographs of the astronauts and cosmonauts of which the family name is starting with one the letters from "M" till "R" 

Note: Not all my autographs are displayed here !!