Savitskaya Svetlana -- Soyuz 7/Soyuz 5 ** Soyuz T12 --also signed by Popov

Schirra Wally - USA

Schmitt Harrison - USA

Schweickart Russel - USA - September 2013

Schweickart Russel - USA -

Scott Dave Jan 2015

Scott Dave - USA - Also signed by: James Irwin - USA

Sharman Helen (GB)

Shatalov Vladimir (Rus)

Shatalov Vladimir (Rus)

Shepard Alan - USA - Also signed by: Wally Schirra - USA -

Shepard Alan (USA) Attention !!. This is a secretary autograph which I found out early 2020 !! Watch the sticked "P"

Shepherd William

William Shepherd -under right- (USA) Also signed by :Baker Michael (top left) - Wetherbee - MacLean - Veach - Jernigan - Shepherd

Shonin Georgi (Rus)

Slayton Donald (USA)

Stafford Thomas (USA)

Stafford Thomas (USA)

Stafford signed cover of Gemini VI

** STS 135** THE LAST SPACE SHUTTLE FLIGHT --signed by: Ferguson - Hurley - Walheim - Magnus

Sullivan Kathryn (USA)

Thagard Norman (USA)

Savitskaya Svetlana (Rus) also signed by: Popov

Tereshkova Valentino (Rus)

Titov Gherman (Rus)

Titov (right upper) - Gagarin (left upper) Nikolayev (left under) Popovich (right under) (all Rus)

Veach Charles (under left) Also signed by: Baker - Wetherbee - MacLean - Jernigan - Shepherd

Volkov Vladislav (Rus)

Volynov Boris (Rus)

Walheim Rex (USA) -- STS 135 the last Space Shuttle flight -- also signed by: Ferguson - Hurley - Magnus

Weitz Paul (USA)

Wetherbee Michael -top middle - (USA) Also signed by: Baker - MacLean - Veach - Jernigan - Shepherd

Whitson Peggy (USA)

Whitson Peggy (USA)

Winne de Frank (Belg)

Worden Al (USA)

Worden AL (USA) Also signed by: James Irwin (USA)

Yang Liu (CHN)

Yang Liwei (CHN)

Yegorov (right) Komarov (left) Feoktistov (middle) -all Rus-

Yegoriv Boris (Rus)

Yeliseyev Aleksin (Rus)

Young John (USA)

On this page I show the autographs of the astronauts and cosmonauts of which the family name is starting with one of the lettersĀ from "S" till "Z"

Note: Not all my autographs are displayed here !!