ASE congress 2015 Stockholm

Thanks to the ASE I was able to meet many astro- cosmonauts during the 2015 congress in Stockholm Sweden. During those meetings I was able to collect a lot of information which I could use for several articles and for the preparation of the space exhibition which my local government asked me to organize in the Zandvoort museum, during autum 2017.

In this photoalbum you will also find a selection of the photos I got signed during the ASE event in Stockholm (Sweden) .

I also used several uni photos which I could use for astronauts for whom I didnt make a personal collage photo, that's the reason that you will find several photos which look like the same but they have been signed by different astronauts.

The book "The Home Planet" I won via an auction which the ASE hold during the last evening in Stockholm. It was an unused book (still sealed) which belonged to John Bartoe who signed it for me after I placed the highest bid. As inlay there was a special sheet signed by 38 astronauts !!!!
(photos 2,3 and 4).

Antonelli was the only one astronaut who's autograph was missing in my collection. I was so lucky to meet him already during the first day. He signed all my photos. I was not so lucky with Bill Anders, he was very kind, but made clear to me that he stopped a long time ago with autographing books, photos etc.