Same as in 2015 I was able to meet many astro- and cosmonauts during the 2016 congress of the ASE (Association of Space Explorers). This year Vienna (Austria) was the host city.
During my meetings with the astronauts I was able to collect a lot of information which I could use for several of my articles in different newspapers.              

In this photoalbum you will find a selection of the photos I got signed during the ASE event in Vienna.   

During a special ASE auction I was the highest bidder on a special booklet of Leonov to remember the 50th anniversary of the first space walk ever. This item was donated by Leonov himself. One of the photos Leonov signed for me, was also co-signed by his daughter and his wife.
I also placed the highest bid on the ASE 2013 poster of their congress in Germany. This poster was signed by 64 astro- and cosmonauts

Hundred astro- and cosmonauts participated and most of them were willing to sign my photos, or the photos of other collectors. Only one astronaut named Kathryn Hire was refusing to sign photos, she even didn't want to talk to anybody who was not an astronaut or cosmonaut !

* Several astronauts also signed photos for me with a special text for my 70th birthday.

* Seven astronauts and cosmonauts (including Liwei China's first Taikonaut) signed special space photos of The Netherlands.

* Also many of my own made collage photos were signed. That kind of photos give me an extra statisfaction because as a collector you know for sure that there is only 1 in the whole world !!