Bondar. STS-42. Thnx to Eddy

Revin ISS-31/32. Thnx to Eddy

Al Worden. My 3rd signed Apollo 15 CSM but this one has an very interesting long text

Hopkins portrait photo 10x15 2019

Wheelock composition photo thanks to my friend in the USA who arranged Wheelock to sign this one

Christina Koch - USA

Gregory Wiseman - Signed Mercury stamp

Flight program ISS expedition 5. Signed by Trescheov He has flown 184 days in the ISS. With official ISS stamp.

COA of ISS flight program ISS expedition 5. Signed by Trescheov

ASE foundation formation 1985 - France

First ASE congress program 1985 Cernay France

2nd ASE congress program 1986 Budapest Hungary

3rd. ASE congress 1987 Mexico

3 rd. ASE congress 1987 Mexico

Official gift from Al Saud Bin Salman for all 1989 ASE participants. Seldom !!

5th ASE congress 1989 Box of official gift from Al Saud Bin Salman for all participants. Seldom !!

5th ASE congress 1989 Al Saud Bin Salman together with Buzz Aldrin

6th ASE congress program 1990 Groningen The Netherlands

Chinese New Year 2006 Shenzhou-6 crew

Chinese New Year 2006 Fei JungLong and Nie Haisheng

Chinese New Year 2013 Shenzhou-9 crew

Chinese New Year 2013 Liu Yang - Jing Haipeng - Liu Wang

Alexander Alexandrov (RUS) period photo

Valeri Tokarev - personal patch signed on backside

Valeri Tokarev personal patch signed

Peter van Aken (Prof/Dr) one of the five last Dutch candidates of the group of Andre Kuipers. He is standing on the right side. Blue jacket/white trousers

Ferenc Pavlics - creator of the Lunar Rover used during Apollo missions 15-16 & 17

Ferenc Pavlics. Creator of the Lunar Rover.

MS-08 crew: Arnold - Artemeyev - Feustel

Ken Mattingly - USA

Business card Ed Gibson

Morgan-Skvortsov-Parmitano. Back up crew Soyuz-11

McClain-Kononenko-Saint Jacques. Crew Soyuz-11

Ockels-Furrer-Merbold-Messerschmid. Deutsche spacelab mission

Qi Faren. Chief designer Shenzhou 1-5. China

Deng Quinming - Not Flown taikonaut 20x25cm.

Shenzhou-11. Signed crewphoto 10x15cm

Shenzhou-6 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-7 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-9 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-10 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-11 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

2019 - N ew additions for my collection. I hope to add of course more interesting items to make my collection a very special one. 🤩🤔 
The most recent autograph is displayed first (and so on)