Peter van Aken (Prof/Dr) one of the five last Dutch candidates of the group of Andre Kuipers. He is standing on the right side. Blue jacket/white trousers

Ferenc Pavlics - creator of the Lunar Rover used during Apollo missions 15-16 & 17

Ferenc Pavlics. Creator of the Lunar Rover.

MS-08 crew: Arnold - Artemeyev - Feustel

Ken Mattingly - USA

Business card Ed Gibson

Morgan-Skvortsov-Parmitano. Back up crew Soyuz-11

McClain-Kononenko-Saint Jacques. Crew Soyuz-11

Ockels-Furrer-Merbold-Messerschmid. Deutsche spacelab mission

Qi Faren. Chief designer Shenzhou 1-5. China

Deng Quinming - Not Flown taikonaut 20x25cm.

Shenzhou-11. Signed crewphoto 10x15cm

Shenzhou-6 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-7 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-9 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-10 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

Shenzhou-11 signed crew photo 20x20cm.

2019 - N ew additions for my collection. I hope to add of course more interesting items to make my collection a very special one.