Tree planting by astro- and cosmonauts

Samokutyaev and Peter Kanger promote the "spacegreenproject"

Samokutyaev and Gidzenko want Artsebarski also to plant a tree (which he did !!)

Both promoters at work.

Irina Pronina just finished her work

John Fabian at work

Vladimir Aksyonov

Anton Skaplerov got as you can see assistance

Feustel was orbiting and asked his wife Indira to do the job and she did well !

Scott Kelly he could not stop and wanted more trees to plant

Tokarev was very proud with the result

Yang Liwei did a very good job

Helen Sharman really has green fingers

Loren Acton …. easy job !!

John Bartoe, with all his assistants

Klaus-Dietrich Flade did it with the German perfection


Dear space fans,

I should like to ask your attention and help for a project called: " space green project"
It is a great initiative of Alex Panchenko.

The mission is to influence  people to protect the environment and to plant trees (as much as possible !) The site is an inspired combined effort of Alex and friends-cosmonauts, and astronauts.

The joined efforts should help to preserve our planet for now and for the future generations.  

all photos: Peter and Rita Kanger