New additions 2020

Cover Soyuz MS-16 signed by: Crew: Ivanishin (RUS)- Cassidy (USA) - Wagner (USA). Launch date: 09-04-2020

Shepard receiving the NASA Distinguished Service medal from persident Kennedy

Cover Apollo 14 signed by Shepard and Roosa. The Mitchell autograph is an autopen !!

John Glenn (#53)

Scott Carpenter. Start and end of autograph is rather bold (#54)

Space congress 1978. A Folio Poster with a very special story behind it !!

Deke Slayton. Space congress 1978 Folio Poster also signed by Fred Haise

Fred Haise - Space congress 1978 Folio Poster also signed by Deke Slayton

Komarov - Feoktistov - Jegorov - Crew Voshkod I

Bykovsky - Nikolayev - Titov Gherman - Gagarin - Tereshkova - Popovich. The first six Russian cosmonauts

Von Braun letter dated March 17th 1962

Von Braun - see letter dated March 17th 1962

Carpenter letter dated November 1962

Carpenter - see letter dated November 1962

Glenn letter dated Nov 15th 1962. Autograph authentic

Glenn - see letter dated Nov 15th 1962

Glenn letter dated Febr 15th 1963. Autograph authentic

Own made drawing. Signed by Glenn - see letter dated Febr 15th 1963

Glenn letter dated Oct 17th 1963. Autograph authentic

Glenn - see letter dated Oct 17th 1963

Glenn letter dated Jan 29 1965. Autograph authentic

Glenn - see letter dated Jan 29 1965

Grissom letter dated Aug 1th 1961. Autograph authentic

Grissom - see letter dated Aug 1th 1961

Schirra letter dated Nov 30 1962. Autograph authentic

Schirra - see letter dated Nov 30 1962

Schirra letter dated Dec 5th 1968. The handwritten text and autograph of Cunningham are authentic but written/signed in 1971

Eisele - Schirra - Cunningham. All autopens only the extra Cunningham is authentic (signed in 1971). See letter dated Dec 5th 1968

*** 2020 ***

January 2020 a new year and I hope it will be a very successful year for my autograph collection.
I had a very good start with interesting items like: Grissom (2x) - Glenn (8X) - Carpenter (1x) - von Braun (1x) - Schirra (2x) - Cunningham (2x) and several interesting Russian cosmonauts (including Gagarin).
All items came from a fellow collector in my home-town and his name is also Peter.

Of course I also want to wish my fellow autograph collectors a lot of success during this year!!