Tim Peake. Brochure of his 2021 UK tour. Many thanks to Andy for this great Christmas gift

Dutchman Oliver Daemen the youngest space traveller ever. July 2021

Dutchman Oliver Daemen the youngest space traveller ever. July 2021

Oliver Daemen, Wally Funk, Mark & Jeff Bezos just started their trip

My letter to Oliver Daemen came back very quickly including some gifts

I received a few stickers as present from Oliver Daemen

Wally Funk became the oldest person in space July 2021.

Soyuz MS-19 L to R. Peresild - Shkaplerov - Shipenko. Film: "The Challenge"

FDC - Soyuz MS-19 Russian filmcrew went to the ISS

Peresild Russian actrice. Film ; The Challenge. Frontpage of a Dutch newspaper

Fincke Michael soon he will be in the ISS again. This time it will be via Boeing. Thanks Bert

Michael Baker a signed a photo of the Netherlands

Bella Ivan a signed photo of The Netherlands

Faris Mohammed a signed photo of The Netherlands

Poleshchuk Aleksandr a signed photo of The Netherlands

Klimuk. With thanks to Eddy R. He made this nice composition

Launch Tianhe station Apr 2021

Launch Tianhe station Apr 2021

Newspapers Shenzhou 12 crew ready to visit Tianhe station

Zhenzhou 12 crew in Tianhe station June 2021

ASE flag of the 2018 congress. Was hanging in the ISS. See also next photo

Two ASE flags 2018 are visible. The MS-08 crew had direct contact during the opening of the congress. One of the flags is in my hands now !!

Artemyev crewphoto of expedition 55 with unique personal stamp of Artemyev on the frontside

Artemyev crew of expedition 55. Backside of crewphoto

Artemyev. Sticker of Expedition 65. Artemyev was back-up for this mission

Borisenko Ivan ID card Also signed by Rukavishnikov

Borisenko Ivan and Gagarin. Autograph Borisenko

Borisenko Ivan signed diploma of the Federation of USSR cosmonauts

Cover Soyuz MS-18 signed by: vandeHei - Dubrov - Novitsky Only 20 covers issued !!

Cover Soyuz MS-18 Signed by vandeHei - Dubrov - Novitsky

Babkin Sergei. Back-up for Soyuz MS 16

Expedition 60-61. Very special booklet 40 pages signed by the crew Skvortsov - Parmitano - Morgan

Best wishes from the ISS for Rita and Peter Kanger

Soyuz MS-17 crew and back up crew. Ryzhnikov - Kud Sverchkov - Rubins - Novitsky - Dubrov - Vande Hei. In total only 10 covers were made. I own 2 of those covers

Soyuz MS-17 - backside of the cover

Wheelock Douglas 10x15 portrait

Launch Change-5 China 1

Launch Change-5 China 2

Landing change-5 1

Landing change-5 2

Landing change-5 3