Glover SpaceX crew-1. Thanks to my friend in the USA

Kimbrough SpaceX crew-2. STS-126/Soyuz MS-02. Thanks to my friend in the USA

ARTEMIS STICKERS. My friend in the USA collected those stickers for me

Soyuz-21: Crew: Korskov- Artemeyev - Matweyev Back-up crew: Prokopyev - Petelin - Kikina Only 10 covers issued !!

Shenzhou-13 Launch; Zhai Zhigang - Wang Yaping - Ye Guangfu

On the same day and time of the launch of Apollo 15 the train exhibition "Moonrock Express" in my home town Zandvoort was opened by Walter Cunningham.

Invitation card for the opening of the "Moonrock Express" train exhibition in Zandvoort. July 26th 1971. A piece of history. Trudie many thanks for this document

Cover #1 signed by Victor Glover during his stay in the ISS

Cover #1 Dubrov - Glover - VandeHei. Dubrov almost spoiled the Glover autograph - ISS photo

Cover #1 Dubrov - Glover - VandeHei. Special stamps ISS and April 14 2021. (60 years ago Gagarin's mission)

Shenzhou-12. Signed by all three crewmembers.

Cover MS-20 commercial mission !!

Crew MS-20. Misurkin (RUS) - Maezawa and Hirano (Japan) Commercial mission

Shenzhou 12 first space walk

Shenzou 12 landing

Shenzhou 13 ready to go

Shenzhou 13 ready to go

Shenzhou 13

Shenzhou 13 first space walk

2022 will not be an easy year for collectors to xpand their collections this because of the fact that COVID still is spoiling many occasions to meet other collectors or to meet astronauts.

Important: More and more we have to understand that we have to take good care for mother earth. 

Every body can help on it's own way, let's do it and don't wait for other people to do it for you !!!

** Thanks to my friends in China who arranged the newspapers for me with news of the Shenzhou 12 and Shenzhou 13